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PowerBrace offers a permanent solution to fixing cracked or bowed walls due to the constant movement of soil. The Patented PowerBrace Brackets reverses the forces of nature by reinforcing the wall and over time can move the wall back to its original position with out excavation outside of the home or removal of concrete from the basement floor. Whether the foundation wall is built with block, tile, wood, or poured concrete Power Brace offers a permanent solution.


The PowerBrace Advantage

The Patented PowerBrace Brackets have revolutionized the use of steel I-beams to reinforce a bowing basement wall. I-beams have been used to reinforce basement bowing walls for decades but the with the help of the PowerBrace Brackets steel I-beams have been transformed into the most reliable foundation wall bracing system available. Unlike wall anchor systems that rely on the moving soil to stabilize a foundation wall, the PowerBrace utilizes the strength of the concrete floor and the floor joist to stabilize the foundation wall.

The bottom bracket of the PowerBrace simply uses two concrete anchors to hold the I-beam in place against the bottom of the foundation wall. The PowerBrace top bracket fastens in the floor joist and when a constant pressure is kept on the bracket the beam will slowly move the wall back to its original position with out any exterior excavation, except in extreme situations. Since the PowerBrace has contact with the wall from the basement floor up to the floor joist, the PowerBrace will eliminate the possibility of wall shear. PowerBrace is the most Reliable and most Cost Effective product to repair a cracked or bowed foundation wall.

The PowerBrace seemed to be an overall more effective system.
–Darwin & Cindy Zitzloff – Howard Lake, MN

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I enjoyed the clear explanation of the PowerBrace system versus other options
–Kathy Kunkel – Mapleton, MN

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I liked the price of PowerBrace and also that all of the work was done on the inside of the home.
–Steve Riedy – Hops, KS

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Thank you for selling us the PowerBrace. We are very pleased with the results. Actually, it saved our wall from caving in when we dugout the basement. Thanks for all of your help and information
–Don & Tammy Frey – Mineral City, OH

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We are impressed that our basement wall has straightened as much as it has. We estimate that the wall has been corrected approximately 65%. We did not expect such rapid results Good Job!
–Bernard J. Knepp – Alliance, OH

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PowerBrace was just what I was looking for.
–Michael L. Sterk – Pella, IA

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I checked the PowerBrace out with a Home Inspector and was given a great report on them. I am very pleased with the PowerBrace and how they have worked to straighten my basement wall.
–Claudia Nelson – Mound, MN

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Powerbrace fastens to floor joints. Powerbrace Anchors to the concrete floor Powerbrace reverses the forces of nature

PowerBrace fastens to floor joints.

PowerBrace Anchors to the concrete floor

PowerBrace reverses the forces of nature

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